Possible issues with yocto 'devtool modify' utility

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Yocto delivered with great “devtool” tool that allow to work on specific package locally. This tool allow you create patches to any recipes like this:

devtool modify package
cd workspace/sources/package
# Edit source as you want
devtool build package
# Finish editing
git commit -am 'This new commit in sources will be exported as patch to yocto recipe'
devtool finish package /path/to/meta-layer-with-package

You can find full description for “devtool modify” utility in yocto documentation.

For recipe with S="${WORKDIR}/internal/subpath/for/sources" devtool will export directory "${WORKDIR}/internal" as source directory and reuse “externalsrc” mechanism to allow to build from exported sources. To track changes and generate patches devtool create “git” repository at a root of exported sources.

All this mechanisms can fail because of yocto flexibility. Let’s describe a possible issues with examples based on current (yocto 2.4) poky distro.

Possible failures:

Missed sources

externalsrc.bbclass change “fetch” task to fetch only “file://” URI’s, while ‘devtool’ save only one subdirectory of “${WORKDIR}” as sources. As result if you fetch more that one remote URI for recipe “devtool modify” will lose part of files required for build.


devtool modify libxml2 && devtool build libxml2

This command will fail to build because libxml2 fetch two tarballs, but devtool save content only from one of tarballs as a sources.

Lost changes

If you have git repository in subdirectory of “${S}” than “devtool” will lose all your changes in this subdirectory, because “devtool finish” looks only at toplevel git.


devtool modify cross-localedef-native
cd workspace/sources/cross-localedef-native/localedef/
# Change files
git commit -am 'This changes will be lost'
devtool finish cross-localedef-native /path/to/meta-layer

Missed patches

devtool also can fail if you recipe patch some files fetched with “file://” fetcher. There is no such recipes in poky, but it possible to imagine next example:

  SRC_URI = "https://recipe.org/recipe.tar.gz file://additional_file"
  SRC_URI += "file://patch_for_additional_file.patch;patchdir=../"

In this case after “devtool modify” you will work with original “additional_file” without patches.

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